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Stupid® Clothing was born in Les Deux Alpes, a small town in the mountains. Our clothing is designed around and made for our lifestyles, and those of our seasonal winter and summer buddies. The Stupid® brand voices the same unifying attitude that runs through every like-minded idiot around the planet, from the Alpes, to the Sea, to the Cities and beyond; supplying quality fashion that mirrors our beliefs. The true essence of Stupid® is: “Never take life too seriously, wear your heart on your sleeve, and have the confident fearlessness to jump headlong 100% into everything.” - Harvey & Cat
Stupid® Clothing blends snow and surf functionality with streetwear influences and fashion lifestyle trends. Our range of clothing and accessories truly endorses the attitude of our wearer, in every environment, in the city or in the elements. We pay great attention to the details of each piece to ensure that the true essence of Stupid® runs through the entire collection.



Born in the mountains. Evolved in the city. ASC is designed around our lifestyles and our communities in the mountains and by the sea.

ASC is transitional clothing. We take influence from streetwear aesthetics and blend the functionality needed from living in surf and snow environments.

ASC is developed for the journey and for the surroundings that inspire us; blurring the lines of fashion between the Alps, Sea and Concrete to produce clothing to stay outdoors doing what we love for longer.

“Nomadic Apparel Designed For Those Who Ride”




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