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Guest Blog: Justin TT's season update

Posted on April 28 2016

So this month has been a good one! I’m still in Laax, Switzerland and I will be stay based here with JT Freeski Academy until the 10th of April.


The month started of quite bad unfortunately as on the 1st of March 2016 I hurt my ankle again, so that meant I would be out for a week again, resting and recuperating. However, I recovered really fast which was a very good thing.


For me the month of March has been about getting my BRITS runs together, which has been a lot of hard work but I have managed to do it! I have FINALLY learnt double 1080s and 1260s (really stoked to of learned how to do these tricks this season, means a lot) up to switch right (unnatural) 900s and I have also been doing switch misty 900s.



The past couple of days have been really slushy and windy so I am sad to say we haven’t been able to ski the jumps, which is unfortunate, but I have still been working hard on my rails and halfpipe.


In the halfpipe I have learnt 360s, 540s and hand plants. The halfpipe has been very hard for me as I am not quite as comfortable in the pipe as I am on Slopestyle (jumps and kickers) but I have managed to do it and happy with what I have achieved (never give up, limits are meant to be pushed past).



I wanted to add the BRITS onto this update as it will nicely wrap up my time out at Laax. The weather wasn’t really on our side this year and really sad to say that I wasn’t able to put down my run on the Pro line due to the conditions! Slopestyle had to be judged on the top rail section of the course, which came down to the best of 3 runs counting. The Slopestyle was postponed for a day to see if conditions would change, but it just wasn’t to be. A lot of fun went down despite the change and I was pleased to come away with a Silver Medal in Slopestyle in the U16’s and 7th in the overall and it was really good to have Team GB there.


Half pipe went off as planned (maybe just a little later). This event was all about going and having fun and laying down some sick tricks in the pipe, even had a little dance with my tunes going into the pipe. First run was OK but I knew I could add a bit more, so I thought whatever and decided to do a trick I had never tried in the pipe before, a switch front flip! Really stoked that I landed it and came away with a Silver Medal in the Halfpipe U16’s and 6th place in the overall.


Last of my competitions was Bangers and Cash (Rails), this consisted of a jam session and final, stoked to make the final of the top 6 males. Really stoked to defend and keep my title from last year Gold Medal in Bangers and Cash (Rails) U16’s with a 4th place in the overall competition. So much fun, so many lines!




I have learnt so much this year despite being injured. I honestly can’t wait to be back on snow again skiing. I really want to thank my Coach Joe Tyler for all his faith in me! It’s been so good having Team GB and Head Coach Pat Sharples out at Laax too this season. This is one of those times that I know I will never forget, having fun, skiing with my friends, working hard but loving every second and having an awesome time! 


PS Never let limits stop you from being the athlete you dream of, have faith and try, train and try again!

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