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Posted on December 21 2015



Peuca-Piêrra is the 3rd film from Minority, the snowboard arm of the Gpsy Feelin, which includes team riders Thibuat 'Pom' Pomarat and Kam Henriet. Pom, Kam and co are all based in Tignes.

All filmed in local towns, resorts and backcountry and edited on a zero budget in time off from their day jobs as lifties, park shapers, snowboard coaches etc…

A true underground scene video, Peuca-Piêrra captures the crew’s winter, their love of life and snowboarding, hanging out with friends, finding, building and shredding spots.

Riders: Thibaut Pomarat, Yohan Bandet, Kam Henriet, Sam Bernard, Lewis Sonvico, Julien Andro, Damien Rousse, Thomas Chassagne, Julien Di Cara, Bertrand Tainon, Franky Melgund and Jake Binnee.Filmers: Thibaut Pomarat, Yohan Bandet, Jérémy Féburier et Damien Rousse

Editing: Jérémy Féburier / CréaktivistWith thanks to Kab Kareem, Tristan Price (Sky Heads) Jérémy Féburier (Créaktivist), Matt Dee, Dj Twix, Banging Bees, Snow Surf, Tignes Spirit and their brothers the Gpsy Feelin crew.

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