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Guest Blog: Justin TT

Posted on October 16 2015

I sustained an injury to my hip, while training and rested until the physio said I could go back to training. 8 days later I fell again on the same hip which aggravated the original injury but with great physio treatment and rest, I am back skiing. But following the advice from my physio, I won’t be going out training in October. On the bright side, he has given the OK for me to head back out to the mountains from November onwards. I am really looking forward to working on more doubles.

I spent last Sunday at Gloucester Freestyle Demo Day, which was really good. I got to try a few tricks on the Air Bag and have a chilled day shredding. Sick to have Antix there with the auto editing and doing some follow cam work, went down well with the riders. Stoked to be a team Rider for Antix.

I also was nominated by my school for a non-school Sports Award, as part of the Derbyshire School Sports Association (DSSA). I attended the Awards Evening held at Chesterfield Football Stadium on September 24th, it was a smart/casual night, with a buffet. And we had guest speaker Para Olympian Sam Ruddock attend the night. Stoked to be Highly Commended for sporting achievements in a non-school sport and honoured to be nominated by my school.

Apart from the above I had a birthday and turned 15 years old. Also I keep training on the dry slopes every week and training down at The Snow Centre.

Coming up I am looking forward to The BRITS, my own Charity Jam on October 17th and heading out to a few of The Tell a Friend Tour nights, I will be going to Stoke Ski Centre on the Wednesday, Hemel on the Friday and back up to Stoke for Rob George Jam the next day….. And of course getting back to the mountains..

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