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Posted on October 16 2015

At ASC and Stupid we love people that follow the same ideas as us. The world is meant to be explored, enjoyed and made the most of. Anything that embodies that ideology is okay by our books. So to show some appreciation, we’ve selected some of our favourite magazines for you to have a flick through if you’re ever looking for some ‘out and about’ reading material.




With guest editors every issue and a fascination with roaming the globe, Huck celebrates adventures lived not by celebrities but by real people. Their content is in-depth, with roots to skate, snow and surf heritage and a focus on inspiring people and places that make Huck a definite unique read to have on your shelf.




Vice is everything young, fun and out there. With a wide range of media platforms, Vice’s urban youth culture has a collection of controversial features, distinctive photography and revolutionary documentaries - perfect for the clued up city traveler that prefers a deeper look into today’s modern youth culture.


The beautiful, delicate magazine that is Umbrella is perfect for the architecturally appreciative explorer. With an attention to design, culture and cities this magazine has a more laid back, eclectic approach to cities and travel. Their features range from the best waterproof coats to have for summer travels, to the stunning strangeness of Italy. Can definitely picture it resting on the tables of a secluded bookshop café in an out of the way cobbled street.




Back to urban lifestyle and RWD Magazine prides itself on being the precipice of what matters to young people in the UK.  Interviewing some of the biggest inspirational celebrities in both music, film and fashion, RWD has a realistic and metropolitan approach to today’s youth culture that is both easy to relate to and fun to read.




Lodown Mag has everything we at ASC love, surfing, cats and fashion. Their unique approach to the urban traveler lifestyle is both entertaining and insightful. Their simplistic online site showcases a brilliant selection of indie music, visually stunning travel photo documentaries and diverse collections of 21st century modern artists - plenty of inspiration to budding photographers and artists everywhere.


Blog by Alex Saunders

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