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A weekend in Wales

Posted on October 28 2015

With summer coming to a slow and inevitable end, the pursuit of that perfect sunny vacation is gradually becoming a distant myth.

That being said, this twilight period of summer when everyone returns to work and school, can be a haven for the lone and small grouped traveler looking for a weekend away. The streets are quieter, the traffic less congested and the panic of the summer holidays has lulled into a calm sense of relief.

A perfect time to visit North Wales, really.

Whilst it may not sound initially interesting, North Wales is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and out there locations to visit. Home to one of the tallest mountains in the UK, Snowdon, Snowdonia can make you feel like the well-explored traveler within minutes upon arrival.

Driving through the secluded roads shadowed by the towering rocky forms of the Llanberris Pass not only makes you feel the size of an ant, but is also about as picturesque as it gets.

Drive to the coast, and you’re at the Irish Sea with some pretty reputable swells for surf, further inland you can complete the task of climbing Snowdon, a 9 mile trek up the 1,085m high mountain with the reward of breathtaking views at the top, and slight dizziness from the altitude and a café you can go and rest your legs in.

If you don’t fancy the hike, there’s always the train that can take you to the top which is a great way to get a more peaceful view of the scenery.

With small secluded villages dotted about deep in evergreen and waterfall surroundings it really is an escape from reality with a lot to offer.

Just watch out for the sheep, they are everywhere.


By Alex Saunders

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