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Sam Coad - Indo Part 2: The Bali edition

Posted on September 02 2015

We arrived in Bali and headed over to Keramas, the famous right hand wave on the east coast of the island, met up with a couple of friends over there from Newquay. The surf was really good but the lineup was so busy we could only hack a few days there and left to head down to Uluwatu.

Uluwatu is right on the south tip of Bali and can handle a big crowd. We found some nice accommodation just 2 minutes walk from the surf. There is lots more going in down there with food places and bars, and a perfect left hand point break which is world famous!

We decided this was the spot and stayed in Uluwatu for 3 weeks and hired a moped to go check other spots along the coast. Everyday the locals sit in the cliff top and take photos of every wave which you can the buy off them, I bought over 500 photos from a couple if the local guys there which did put a dent in my pocket but they are worth it. 

With Uluwatu not far from the main city if Kuta we did have our fair share of nights out there and partied hard in the best club in the world sky garden! It basically became our second home that place! We did do the odd day surf trip to other spots on Bali, one we enjoyed was a place called Balian which was a long 4 hour drive up the west coast, really good waves but a sharky place and we did come into contact with a few bull sharks that surf which did thin the crowd out to just me and a friend!

We had been told to head to a place called Canguu, a surf spot with good food and drink places, we headed there and stayed there for 4 nights, we can see why people go there as the food places were unreal with everything freshly made with fresh fish that had just been caught! And the surf was real fun as well with a few different peaks along the stretch to choose from either a left hand reef, beach break or a right hand reef up the other end so a perfect place to suit all types of surfers.

We still preferred Uluwatu to everywhere else we had been and it seemed the norm for most people as there were lots of people over there from Cornwall and Devon area who we made good friends with and surfed everyday and partied most nights with, uluwatu has it all when it comes to waves and nightlife with the famous single fin club which hangs over the cliff and uluwatu and is rated one for the top nights out in the world, party and surf... Can't really beat it

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