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Guest Blog: Andre Dre

Posted on August 24 2015

Since I've been home it's been a hot and sunny summer with the kids of Tobago Surfing Association.  While we had one of the hottest summers this has also resulted in a really flat season, Tobago hasn't been up to it's usual top spot as we have a huge influx of seaweed on the east coast making surfing, swimming or any types of watersports impossible.

I went over to our sister island Trinidad chasing the waves and training for the European contests. I've returned to the UK and I'm now going to start exploring the coastline for some new spots.  

I'm now looking for new ways of improving my surfing by experiencing the UK looking for the best spots to surf and the best spots for some good food.

It's time to go back to Newquay for the Boardmasters which is one the bigger stages in the uk for surfing. Its always a cool vibe down there at this time of year and one of my favorite competitions.

I'm looking at heading into Europe and spread my wings a little further.  Two destinations I'm definitely visiting will be France and Tenerife.  New waves, new people and new ideas are always good to improve my surfing whether it be freelancing or competitions. 



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