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Guest Blog: Justin TT

Posted on August 19 2015

The month of July I spent some time dryslope training at Stoke Ski Centre, Halifax Ski slope and spent some time at The Snow Centre, getting ready for heading out to Saas-Fee, Switzerland training with JT Freeski Academy (Joe Tyler) and the National Academy Park and Pipe.

Before I left for Saas-Fee, I spent some time helping to design a Signature Park with Ski the Kingdom and Ella Taylor-Tipton for a Jam session on the 14th August at The Snow Centre, first time with Park design, I enjoyed working on the ideas and features.

I left for Saas-Fee on July 18th and so far I have had an amazing time! I have done so many things on and off the hill. I get up in the morning and then I ski for half of the day. After coming down from the mountain I go out and do lots of different activities such as the following; skateboarding, hiking, mountain scootering, football, volleyball and the zip trek.

The mountain scootering was pretty fun but a bit too bumpy, so it could have been better. Skateboarding has been fun learning new things like stalls. The hikes I have been on have been good; on one I went to the lake and climbed a cliff, which was really awesome fun. The zip trek was really fun climbing through the trees and then I zip lined over the gorge at the end.

On the hill I am training hard and perfecting my tricks, learning new tricks and working towards my doubles. So far I have got my corks and switch rodeos much better on the pro lines and I have got my flairs in the pipe better too. I have worked on double sets on the airbag and I have also learnt switch unnatural 540’s. The jumps here at Saas-Fee are very good for learning new tricks and for getting tricks you already have much better. The rails are not that great because some are really hard and have lots of kinks, but some are really good and smooth. Right now I am working towards doing a switch double 900 which would be amazing to get.



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