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Guest Blog: Justin TT

Posted on June 09 2015

This month I have done lots of comps! Kjam at Kendal, the Warmwell Jam, Dorset, Mayhem at Bracknell, Snodown at Castleford and Air Attack in Christchurch, Dorset.

I did very well at Kjam coming 1st in my category and also 1st overall male. It was a really sick day and I was the first person to do a 1080 on the Kendal Slope. On the jump I did a variety of tricks like cork 720’s, cork 900’s, switch rodeo 540’s and just trying to be as stylish as possible. Then on the rails I did things like 270 on, switch 270’s, 450 on 270 off and tricks like that. The atmosphere was amazing making the Jam format pass really quickly.

The next week I went to the Warmwell jam. There wasn’t any category’s it was just spot prizes but I came home with a big bag full. I did a big variety of rail tricks like 270 and 450 disasters, switch 270’s, 270’s and lots of combos. I also had a game of S.K.A.T.E with Fraser Sell. Then on the jump I did tricks like corks, 1080’s, backflips, stylish spins and rodeos. It was also great to have Ski the Kingdom there and supporting British Dry Slope.

(Photo courtesy of Steven Burley - Grom Camp Tamworth) 

Then the next day I was at Bracknell for Mayhem. It was run like a game of S.K.A.T.E and it also had a big air section. I came 2nd in the game of S.K.A.T.E and 1st in big air in my age category.

Two weeks later I went to Snodown. It was quite fun and they even had a team event. I was in the pink team and we came first by doing dumb things like jumping over people and we even had some people skiing under rails while over people slide over them.

The next day I went to Air Attack where I came 1st in my category and won a pair of Salomon Threat Skis, (I really needed them). I was throwing down my best tricks from the beginning. I had lots of fun and even Billy Morgan was there. It was an amazing 4 hour jam.

Photo courtesy of Ski The Kingdom and Matthew Metalfe - Warmwell)

After some sleep I headed of to Loughborough University for 6 hours of ACE Evaluation for the Park and Pipe Academy, with Nick Jones and Ian Findlay of Snowsport England.

In between all my Competitions, I managed to slip some training in. A sick session with Salomon Grom Camps at Tamworth, skiing with James ‘Woodsy’ Woods and of course Pat Sharples, Katie Summerhayes, Molly Summerhayes, Madi Rowlands and local coaches like Mike Hallett.

Looking forward to the rest of the season and heading out to Saas- Fee Switzerland for a few weeks with JT Freeski Coaching, ready for snow again. But first I have the English Championships, Enviro Jam, Go Big or Go Home, might be able to squeeze in Nothin But Snow.

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