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Guest Blog: Andre Dre

Posted on October 28 2014

Since returning from Tobago I have been hitting the gym and training with my friend Ross.  We have also been surfing some new spots such as Blackrock and Milook to try and gain new experiences and wave knowledge, this has been a really exciting time! I was supposed to be taking a trip out to the Antarctic but unfortunately this has been postponed until next year due to the extreme weather; not sure this Caribbean boy could surf out there without the required equipment. IMG_2513Photo by Checkered Photography During November I'm going to make the most of Newquay's surf season, training and having fun!  I have also had the opportunity to catch some waves with team rider Sam Coad, lets hope we can get some more shots or videos together. I'm going to be spending Christmas in the UK and then I will be returning to home to the warm weather, blue sea and coconut trees!  I will competing in the annual competitions in the Caribbean, during this time some of my UK friends are coming to test the Caribbean waters and cuisine! IMG_2509
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