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Posted on August 06 2014

A Festival with a Difference Britain is famous for music festivals. We have some of the biggest and best in the world; the most famous being Glastonbury. However, most festivals are all the same: you stand in a cold wet field with a hundred thousand other people, whilst listening to some nobody and having beer thrown down the back of your neck. Well, I have a solution. Get away from the hustle and bustle of Reading or the faux-hippy nonsense of Glastonbury and travel down to the jewel of the British Isles: Cornwall. The Broad Master’s festival is not just your usual music festival (see the infographic for complete details). Yes, the festival has music and beer, but it’s got surfing and it’s spread across two beautiful beaches. The festival has some big names like Snoop Dogg and Bastille headlining, as well as a surfing completion, beach bar, and professional BMXers. It really is a festival with a difference. Festivals are the epitome of summer and Cornwall is the epitome of summer holidays; combine the two and have an unforgettable experience. Urban-Beach-Boardmasters-2014-Festival-Guide-Infographic Infographic from: Urban Beach Clothing Original Blog reference: http://www.urbanbeach-surf.co.uk/article/97/boardmasters-2014-infographic Website: http://www.urbanbeach-surf.co.uk/
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