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The Nomads Bus

Posted on April 25 2014

We were really excited when we stumbled upon The Nomads Bus. It is a creation from Val and Tim who came up with the idea when they were daydreaming about the perfect winter holiday. They decided that all you needed was; good snow, friends to ride with, adventures, good aprés ski, a cosy place to relax, delicious home cooked meals and a comfy bed. Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 12.50.40 It is the first powder chasing hostel. This summer they are going to buy a 12 metre long school bus in Florida, ship it back to Belgium and do the conversion there (with a little help from their friends). Its going to have a kitchen, living room, bathroom and 3 bunk beds. There are 5 beds available for guests and the 6th to a media nomad. The bus will travel through Austria, Switzerland and France chasing the snow and for those of you that don't like the cold it will continue along the Atlantic coast searching for the finest waves. They need €20,000 to get this dream on the road. They are asking for advance reservations to help fund this. We think this is an amazing idea, lets all get on board.

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