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The BRITS 2014

Posted on April 03 2014

We spoke too soon about the weather. Today was cloudy with low light which made the conditions a bit more difficult for those competing today. We were super stoked that fellow Les Deux Alpes boy Sam Gaskin came 3rd in the mens Halfpipe Freeski Championships. He was beaten to the silver and gold by brothers James Machon and Rob Machon. Madi Rowlands has continued her domination of The BRITS by winning the womens Halfpipe Freeski Championships. She has cleaned up this week. What an amazing young lady and an absolute pleasure to watch in action. In the Snowboarding Slopestyle Nathalie Silkstone and Jamie Trinder came out on top. Jamie, Lewis Courtier-Jones and Henry Shackleton were battling it out for the podium and threw down an impressive selection of tricks between the 3 of them. Maise Hill again came out top of her category, she is going home with quite a big collection of medals from this week. Ryan Llywarch won the bronze in his age category for halfpipe freeski. Here is a picture of him proudly sporting his medal and his Stupid tall sweat that he won.  ryan2
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