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The BRITS 2014

Posted on April 01 2014

The first day of The BRITS saw bright blue skies and no wind. It was hot, sunny and there were plenty of family, friends and seasonnaires watching and supporting. bc3 65 skiers entered the skier cross and the boarders took part in the the Monster Bangers & Cash Rail Jam. We spend the day watching the rail jam. The course was beautiful, the bangers were sizzling on the BBQ, the music was pumping, the sun was shining and Scott Penman was on the mic. There was an hour of beautiful jammin'. Jamie Trinder and Lewis Coutier-Jones were laying down some impressive tricks. bc2 And as for the ladies - they were representing! Ella Fry-Taylor came out top but Alix Halpern, Cerys Allen and Maisie Hill were not far behind. We loved seeing these girls hitting the rails. bc1 After an hour of the decision was made to extend the jam for a little longer. The riders still had the energy to walk up the hill and we were keen to watch more. It was an epic start to The BRITS and we can't wait to see more action today.            
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