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Bronze medal for Jenny Jones

Posted on February 10 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.44.35 Jenny Jones made history in Sochi yesterday by winning a bronze medal in the slopestyle. Not only was it an incredible win but also Great Britain's first medal on snow in the history of the Winter Olympics. It was also the first time that slopestyle has featured in the Olympics. Jenny Jones get into the sport age 16 at Churchill dry ski slope in Bristol before heading for to Tignes in her gap year to work as a chalet host. She has won three X Games Gold medals and was the first UK athlete to win an X Games gold medal. At age 33 she was the oldest competitor in the Olympic final by six years. Not only were her runs amazing but the commentary also seemed like a highlight of the competition. In the commentary box was Aimee Fuller, Ed Leigh and Tim Warwood, who did their best to contain their excitement while using terms some phrases that the majority of the British public had never come across before. The Independent reports that some of the pair's choice phrases on Saturday included: "That was a grab, I thought it was more of a tickle", "If he was any smoother he would melt"and "That was a nice little slap there, that would have felt amazing." Aimee Fuller was openly crying while the boys were shouting "boom'! We are proud of all of our fellow skiers and snowboarders competing in the Winter Olympics but seeing Jenny Jones bringing it home not only for our country but also for the girls was an absolutely amazing.    
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