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GUEST BLOG: Jack Hughes from Fuerteventura

Posted on February 06 2014

jack fuerta shot copy So the original plan was a 10 day trip to Fuerteventura with the boys from Plymouth uni and good friend/photographer Tim borrow. From the get go I knew this trip was funky as soon as it started snowing in the U.K I was planning my escape. With all the boys driving up in one car to the airport I decided to make my own way up. I now believe mega bus is the sh*t as I slept on a double Decker bus to London my mates packed up there car and started the long journey on the snowy motor way. Trying to sleep whilst a lady on the floor buffer is right next to your head is far from easy, to make it worse I got the call to say the boys were delayed and wont make the flight. So I called the family and got on my plane. Arriving in a foreign country with only the name of a business to rely on isn’t good. I was sat in the airport on my own waiting for absolutely nothing. After sitting down for a little bit I decided to have a little wonder round the airport luckily the world is a small place, even smaller the world of surfers. I managed to bump in to a couple of friends from back in the UK who happened to have the number of one of the guys I was meeting. After much ball ache and a few Euros in the pay phones I met the guys and cruised to the villa thank god the boys in the UK had rang ahead and told them what’s up and they followed out the next day ready to score waves. Honestly I have seen nothing like it walking along a uninhabited piece of rock with a pack lunch a bottle of water and your boards, I jumped out the boat and I’m staring at this perfect right hander. So acting like the child I am I got changed and ran in…stupidest move…Rocks and waves equal me on my back getting smashed. We surfed till the sunset that night and the stars came out I think to this day it is the highlight of my surfing.  So many waves it was incredible, getting changed back on the island looking across and seeing two islands full of people was something I would never imagined. As we came back across in the speed boat taxi service, wind was carrying sand through the sky and the moon was a bright orange and the stars where by the thousands and to make it that little bit better we came back to a wonderful dinner at the villa. After 10 days of paradise I was starting to feel like maybe I could stay I mean it beats collage any day, so when I asked star surf camp if they had work and there was that was it. I facebooked my parents and said “Don’t expect me home tomorrow night I’m staying” as you can imagine they were wigging out. That was it I was living the island life for a while id been sucked into this mini paradise and loved it. So the boys left and I stayed I was pinching myself to see if its real. Like everyone else food is my favorite thing expect I’m a really fussy eater. Kind of annoying actually. I don’t think I ever turned anything away out there. I even ate fish and that’s kind of a big deal for me. I went to this little restaurant with some locals I made friends with and we ate the best food with a open roof above us, They had these little potato things covered in chilies and friend with bits of beef I think it was.  I also found out how much I love fajitas there so good when there so big you can hardly wrap the thing up I love how messy and fun they are such a social food. Me and Tassy and Rayco all traveled down to a different part of the island for this swell we drove in the dark for hours miles away from anyone trying to find a spot to sleep for the night and score waves after a long search we found our destination set up camp ate some food and passed out. First light we paddled out and found this right that just ran for ages not big just playful and easy was such a fun morning, Wave after wave we surfed till we couldn’t paddle and it was only 7am haha. Packing up all the boards and having a snack we got back in the car and headed further along the coast trying to find this wave. There was a couple of times I thought that’s it we are going over the edge here or there’s no way we are making it back up that hill we just went down but eventually we found this wave that looked so easy and perfect…I was wrong when I paddled out breaking twice as big as I though and wrapping around this shallow spot I didn’t see from the rocks, it got smashed first set sat way to deep and met face to face with a rock. Doing a little run around I got back out and we surfed all afternoon never missing a set there was only ever five people in the sea at once. Rayco judged it perfect and we ended up scoring at spots that don’t normally work. A month or so down the line we repeated this adventure with my good friend Gudi and I managed to get 64 sea urchin spines in one foot and still got out and surfed a second time, and by potluck scored again.  Shortly after returning from our little trip it was time to pack up my bags and get out of there and head to Belgium, but as one last reminder we had a huge BBQ at the villa with all the friends I made on the island and more random people then headed to the streets and got so blind drunk I almost missed my flight the next day. Id like to say a huge thanks to Star surf camps for having put up with me for so long Racyo Tassy Gudi and all the other staff and friends I meet whilst being there and to everyone who came and stayed with us you guys made my winter one to never forget.  
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