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GUEST BLOG: Melodie King talking about her recent trip to Morocco.

Posted on February 05 2014

Melodie Morocco was the sickest trip! We had the best waves, it was sunny the whole time (apart from one day where it rained for the first time in a year) and everything about the trip was so good! I went with Bantham Surf Academy and one of my best friends Kai who I'm also going to Portugal with for a surf safari in the summer. The first day was great, we arrived where we were staying and checked out all the breaks and surfed a little beach called 17's that was super fun. The place where we were staying had a balcony over looking all of the breaks which was perfect because every morning we could get up and check the surf from our rooms! We mostly surfed killer point because it was pumping there most days, double head high. There's also a couple of other breaks close to it which are also so fun! The worst part of the holiday would probably be the food, let's just say there was no beef in those burgers.... We checked out a market in Agadir on one of the days and a couple of the people who we stayed with bought a chameleon and a tortoise! We kept it in the apartment for the last couple of days and set them free on the last; there was no way where they getting through customs! I learnt a lot on that trip, met some amazing people who I'm still in contact with now and also experienced a whole new culture I had never experienced before, it was sick! We trekked on camels in the sahara and surfed perfect uncrowded reef breaks too. I wish there were more photos, but got a couple of good ones. I have had some good waves in Cornwall over the last few week and will attach a couple of pictures. I am super excited to be doing my beach lifeguard course soon and then my surf coach course., so i will be prepared for one day when I can travel the world surfing and working  after my A levels. I have also just got a new board sponsor with B.O.S. Surfboards.
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