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Guest Blog: Sam Coad on his recent trip to Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

Posted on February 03 2014

IMG_8983_2 Hi guys just got back from the Canary Islands, warm and pumping waves the whole week! Got off the plane to a warm but very windy Island, sand storm covering the whole island as far as the eye could see! Turned up to the lodge at Star Surf Camps and the people that were staying there said it’s been super windy for a few days. Luckily the report was looking good from the next morning onwards, Big swells, lighter winds, and offshore! Went to the town of Corralejo where we hired a car for the time that we were on the island. It was my first time driving on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car but was a good laugh. It was morning, sun was out, swell was up, loaded the boards into the car and drove to the north track! It was solid, wind was light as it was still early but due to pick up. Jumped straight in at the spot called German Rights. A big chunky right hand point break, with a few cheeky inside lefts which were good fun and super rippable! The swell was due to stay the same the whole week with variable winds and strength but that didn’t matter as we had the hire car and only took twenty minutes to get from the east coast to west coast! We had a local staying at the Lodge that I knew very well, he told us some wicked spots to go and check out to surf when the main spots were either too big or blown out. Its amazing just driving along the north track where there is reef break after reef break with perfect lefts and rights the whole way along the north of the island. But tucked away are some smaller rippable waves which are uncrowded in the early mornings. A highlight of the trip was having a couple of sessions out at Los Lobos the world famous right hand point break on a small island between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. The first time we went there by ourselves on the speed boat in our suits and got dropped of straight into the line-up with 40+ guys out on the peak! Loads of hassling going on and the local guys ripping, although I did manage to get a handful of set waves with the locals letting me into the line-up. The surf was 4-6ft perfect right handers going the whole way down the point. The second time I went, I took a photographer with me and we got the big ferry that goes to the south of the island. We had to walk the rest of the way to the point at the top. Again the waves were 4-6ft with loads of guys out, I sat down the point more this time, taking off on the smaller but hollow middle section, but also got some bombs from the top of the point. And this time I got some decent pictures as well! The swell peaked at around 8ft at 18 seconds on one day with light offshore winds. The whole north track lit up with the biggest swell puller El Hierro having waves breaking double to triple over head on the reef. There were a couple of guys out there with big boards but still not making the drops and there were some of the heaviest wipe-outs I have ever seen. I decided this was a good chance to take my new B.O.S. Surfboard rounded pin step up out and put it to the test! When I paddled out in the channel I saw biggest waves I had ever seen in real life, huge perfect left walls of water grinding along the reef. There was only one other guy out, a local on a huge gun. I snagged a few smaller inside ones which were still double over head to get the feel of the new board, it held so good in these massive conditions. I decided to wait for a set and sat up next to the local, the rip was so strong and there was so much paddling to keep yourself in position on the take off zone. A huge set started to feather outback and both of us started paddling out. This was the biggest set of my life. I wanted the first wave of the set but let the local guy have it. I waited a little longer before the last wave of the set was draining the water back off the reef. It was massive, triple overhead. I got into the wave with a super late take off, full extension, bottom turned and the wave just threw over, I wasn’t deep but looked up and the roof of the wave was throwing over my head. Came out and did three big gouging turns on the face and pulled off the back with my arms wide thinking what the hell just happened! That was the biggest, heaviest wave I have ever ridden in my life, never felt anything like it, the buzz was insane! Star Surf camps is a wicked place to stay, they have such a nice lodge, cool staff, good food, good vibes all the time and everyone just wants to surf as much as they can! Id like to thank my sponsors Stupid Clothing, B.O.S. Surfboards, Snugg Wetsuits and Pommie Grommet for supporting me, hope you are all looking forward to a few cheeky shots of Lobos! Yew!  
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