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Seasonnaires Vs Students

Posted on December 18 2013

seasonnaire or student Seasonnaires and students are not friends in ski resorts. Well to be fair, the seasonnaires dislike the students and what they stand for and the students are completely oblivious  to the fact that there is anyone else in resort other than people on their university trip. Seasonnaires feel like they own the resort. It is their town, their bars, their mountain. They dread the saturdays when coach after coach of students roll in. The students fall off the coaches in fancy dress, covered in vomit and carrying their boxes of cheap bière blonde from the supermarket at the bottom of the mountain. Seasonnaires know until the following friday night the resort they know and love is going to be terrorised by youngsters - who ironically are the same age as 95% of the seasonnaires. The students arrive in resort tired but only thinking about the next big thing - going out to hit up the bars that night. You have to give the students credit, they roll off a 20 hour coach journey into their accommodation to shovel down some pasta and then head out to the bars and party till 4am, get up at 9am and ski till apres. They go big, they go hard but they get up and ski. To be fair, they probably ski more that week than most seasonnaires do in a month. They like to think of themselves as two entirely different species but actually they are very similar. They are both there to ride, party and meet people, I guess the fundamental difference is their dress sense and the fact that the seasonnaires dislike the disruption in their resort...... So from this photo do you think they are seasonnaires or students........?
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