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Posted on December 11 2013

We left London at 5am on Monday morning. The car  was full to the brim with stock ready for 10 days of parties, promo and snow. We drove off the tunnel in France to a beautiful day that felt nothing like December. We arrived in Les Deux Alpes at 7pm after 682 miles, two tanks of petrol, several large coffees, dubious sandwiches (we love service station sandwich roulette) and some banging tunes. Driving up the bends into Les Deux Alpes is the best feeling in the world - we were finally home!   [caption id="attachment_3919" align="aligncenter" width="500"]'Almost at Grenoble - 1 hour to resort' Almost at Grenoble - 1 hour to resort.[/caption]   Tuesday was a day of work. It is hard sitting in a room when you know that outside are the snowy mountains that we want to ride. But we're here to do a job. And party. And ride. So we figure that if we get our work out the way sooner rather than later then we can have fun with our  alpine family.   [caption id="attachment_3920" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Our commute to work Our commute to work[/caption]   Last night was the first our of parties. We took over Mini Bar in L2A. We branded it up and it went off. It was rammo in the main room. We were giving away clothing, lanyards and other goodies left, right and centre. djFATtrip and Cleverly Hoax smashed it, the tunes were banging. It was a massive success and we left the people of L2A tired, sweaty and branded up with Stupid. We gave ourselves the morning off and are now back in the 'office' which currently is Smokey Joe's. Its an afternoon of admin, emails and also a spot of wine tasting to help them with their wine list for the winter season. A perfect afternoon.....well except for the fact that we are not riding.   [caption id="attachment_3921" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Stupid Office L2A - http://www.smokeyjoes.fr/ Stupid Office L2A - http://www.smokeyjoes.fr/[/caption]    
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